Call us on 03 5441 6248

Our 'Online Shop' is currently being developed. Please check back again soon! You can order bread mix, yeast and bread tins by calling 03 5441 6248.

Welcome to New Freedom.

We are a dedicated gluten free bakery, offering what is believed by numerous customers to be unrivalled gluten free bakery goods.

After 16 years of research and development and years on the drawing board looking for the right staff and a suitable site, we are thrilled to now provide what so many have been craving – decent breads, pastries, cakes and sliced baked and served in a dedicated environment to prevent contamination. New Freedom Gluten Free Bakery uses Tru-Dough mixes in all its baked goods, along with special honed skills of the bakers and pastry chef to give the products the texture, taste and keeping comparable to typical wheat based versions.

Call in for a true fresh bakery experience, or order the Tru-Dough bread mix online to make your own!

New Freedom is open 8.30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.


(786) 646-9897